Hatha yoga anatomy fun!

Ahimsa. My sustainability practice every week. Washing our fleet of reuse able water bottles instead of selling plastic water bottles.

Wheel on the way to someplace else…loving these new Onzie pants. So comfortable and fit to Flow with practice. #onzie #chakrasana #urdhvadhanurasana #flowglow #flowyoga

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These new Onzie pants are SO fun and fabulously cut for practice. After, untie them and they are a casual long pant. Get em before they are gone at Flow Yoga! #flowyoga #flowglow #onzie #onziegram #ekapadaurdhvadhanurasana #chakrasana #wheel #jayatribe

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Suryasana. Balancing Star pose with Chloe in Teeki stars! Taught a class on Liberation-Spiritual Freedom this morning. Its all in YS 1:1 and 1:2. So simple yet powerful. So rich with reminders of where 20 years of practice has taken me. I am so grateful for Yoga. Every Chloe gets older is one more year since the day Yoga changed my life and started my process of unfolding.

Dinner view tonight. Gorgeous.

I love you. #love


#soulshine savasana


Pre-show. Could you be love? #soulshine #soulshineprep

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